Technical Assistance and Training Working Group (TATWG)

Mr. Leopoldo QUIRÓS
Chair, Technical Assistance and Training Working Group, 2021-2022

The TATWG commits itself to contribute to the enhancement of the effectiveness and professionalism of Egmont Members as well as for FIUs who are in the membership process.

We do this, among others, by identifying, developing and delivering technical assistance and training to Egmont members, often in conjunction with Observer organizations/ international partners. Another important activity is the facilitating of support to FIUs facing significant challenges complying with Egmont requirements and relevant international standards. 

What the TATWG is doing includes identifying the needs of FIUs, assist to enhancing their capacities, for example by developing quality training packages, following up on the current training projects and organizing and implementing training, including breakout and training sessions at the major Egmont Group events, other specific Egmont Group training events and at other events as required. Also, the TATWG is working closely with other Working Groups to identify recipients of FIU’s needs and allocate resources to meet those needs.

The following products have been well-developed and delivered successfully over the past few years:  

  • Tactical Analysis Course (TAC),
  • Strategic Analysis Course (SAC),
  • Corporate Vehicles and Financial Products Course (CorFin),
  • Egmont AML/CTF Supervisory Course (ESC),
  • FIU Information System  Maturity Model (FISMM), and
  • Securing a FIU

Looking into the future

A proposal for a dedicated center to develop and implement sustainable development of excellence and leadership (of individuals and FIUs) to lead national and international efforts to combat AML/CFT has been integrated in the business plan for the TATWG. It has been accepted by the Egmont Committee and will be elaborated in a project.

While agreeing that onsite training offers numerous advantages, TATWG also develops e-learning tools to allow more cost effective dissemination and extended outreach to recipients. The first e-learning course on tactical analysis, in both online and offline versions, is to be rolled out soon and will be followed by other products in the electronic format.

TATWG is chaired by Mr. Leopoldo QUIRÓS (UAFE-Ecuador, Ecuador).  Mr. Amr SAYED (EMLCU, Egypt) serves as the TATWG Vice-Chair.

To access the Operational Analysis E-Learning course in:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Latvian