2021 BECA Winner

The Egmont Group is pleased to announce the winner of this year's Best Egmont Group Case Award (BECA) –IMPA, Israel.

The Egmont Group has held the BECA competition since 2011, and this year marks its 11th year. The 2021 competition was active, with 24 cases received from 16 FIUs. Instead of voting at the in-person Plenary, the Egmont Group members selected the case submitted by IMPA, Israel, as the 2021 BECA Winner through a virtual vote.

This case involved a worldwide online gambling network that operated in sophisticated and innovative ways to organize illegal gambling activities, collect and distribute funds, and launder the profits of the illicit activities. IMPA initiated the case through a thorough strategic analysis related to online gambling activity and conducted by a multi-agency thematic Task Force, following suspicions of an illegal online gambling network's operation and laundering of its illicit proceeds. Close domestic cooperation and international cooperation were also key to the success of the investigation.  

The Egmont Group also congratulates FIUs from Italy and Hungary on being finalists in this year's competition.

The 2021 BECA Competition featured cases on organized crime, tax evasion, illegal online gambling, corruption, terrorism, misuse of foreign payment cards, human trafficking, and various frauds involving Business Compromised Email, telecoms, cryptocurrency, media news, COVID-19, real estate, to name a few.  

The Egmont Group and the Technical Assistance and Training Working Group sincerely thank all those involved for their participation in this year's BECA.

A sanitized version of the winning and finalist cases will be featured in the 2020-2021 Egmont Group Annual Report.