Best Egmont Case Award (BECA) Book II Request for Proposal (RFP)

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Best Egmont Case Award (BECA) Book II
Request for Proposal (RFP)

The Egmont Group Secretariat is requesting proposals from a suitably qualified, professional Consultant/Vendor who will assist in developing and drafting the Best Egmont Case Award (BECA) Book II. 
Further details on the scope of the work are provided below in this document. Proposals should contain information on the proposed approach to providing the consultancy services, the scope of work, qualifications, years of experience in providing the required services, and the desired fee for such services.
1.    Background:  The Egmont Group and the Egmont Group Secretariat
The Egmont Group is a united body of 165 Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) worldwide and is comprised of 4 Working Groups and 8 Regional Groups. These groups represent the Egmont Group membership's regional diversity and provide members with technical assistance and training, information exchange related to best practices, developing trends in AML/CFT, membership support and more. 
The Egmont Group Secretariat (EGS) is based in Canada. It provides strategic, administrative, and other support to the overall activities of the Egmont Group, the Egmont Committee (EC), the Working Groups (WGs) and the Regional Groups (RGs).
For more information about the EG and the EGS, please visit 
2.    Introduction
The Best Egmont Case Award (BECA) is an annual contest designed to encourage all Egmont members to contribute to the Group's money laundering and terrorist financing case database for the benefit of all FIUs and other AML/CFT stakeholders. It provides a valuable opportunity for FIUs to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences within the global AML/CFT community. The first publication of the BECA Book, which contained twenty-two (22) of the best case submissions, has been recognized as a useful reference for case studies and best practices of FIUs. The BECA book I can be downloaded from the Egmont Group public website:

The BECA Book II is expected to include 25-30 of the best case submissions entered into the BECA competition from 2014-2020. Cases vary based on 7 predetermined categories that reflect the diversity of ML/TF typologies and regions. This publication will offer readers both valuable case studies and training materials. 
The Egmont Group Secretariat is looking for a suitably qualified Consultant/Vendor who will assist in the development and drafting of the BECA Book II which is expected to be published the summer of 2021 under the Egmont logo.  
3.    The Scope of Work
The consultant/vendor is expected to perform all the tasks listed below, including:

  • Review and edit approximately 30 cases- including texts and graphics to ensure consistency of language, style and an appropriate level of sanitization.  The case studies are to be compiled into seven (7) predetermined categories. 
  •           Bribery & Corruption
  •           Drug Trafficking
  •           Fraud & Embezzlement
  •           Terrorism, Human Trafficking & Organized Crime
  •           Trad-Based Money Laundering & Professional Money Laundering
  •           Smuggling & Gambling
  •           Cybercrime & Cryptocurrency
  • Develop an e-Book which can be published on the Egmont Group website and a prototype ready for printing. 
  • Additional requirements to be coordinated, including: 
  •           Cover design and index of cases
  •           Prepare an executive summary for the booklet and each category which are to be included in the booklet
  •           Provide additional images or graphics required in the book, such as a world map
  •           Content/information suggested by the Egmont Group

4.    Qualifications for the Required Job
The consultant/vendor should be skillful in editing and publication. Experience and knowledge of areas related to the AML/CFT are considered as an asset. Flexibility and openness for coordination are desirable.
5.    Timelines
(RFP Timeline)

  • 20 November – Bids due no later than 17:00 EDT (UTC -4).
  • By 5 December – Selection of consultant/vendor.
  • By 15 December – Contract signed with the selected consultant/vendor.

(Delivery of Service) 

  • By 15 February 2021 – the first draft of the BECA Book II, including reviewed case studies, cover design and Executive Summary to be submitted to the Egmont Group Secretariat and sent to the project team for review.
  • By 31 March 2021 – Final draft of the BECA Book II, including e-Book and a prototype for print to be submitted to the Egmont Group Secretariat. 

6.    Confidentiality Requirements
The consultant/vendor must sign a non-disclosure agreement provided by the Egmont Group. 
7.    Location of Work and Travel
The work does not need to be performed on Egmont Group Secretariat premises. Communications and coordination can be conducted through emails and videoconference. 
8.    Support provided by Egmont Group Secretariat
The Egmont Group Secretariat will:

  • Provide background documents for review. 
  • On a need basis, arrange for video/teleconferences during the development of the BECA Book II.

9.    Proposal Submission
Please submit a written proposal by email to [email protected] no later than Wednesday, 18 November 2020 11:59 EDT (UTC - 5), with the following subject line: BECA Book II - Offer of Service. 
10.    Contact Person
Any questions regarding this Request for Proposal should be directed to Ms. Michelle OUYANG, Senior Officer, via email at ([email protected]).  
11.    Proposals Must Contain

  • Scope of Work
  • Desired Fee in USD (United States Dollars) or CAD (Canadian Dollars)
  • Qualifications and years of experience
  • Willingness to sign a non-disclosure agreement