ECOFEL’s Information Sharing Workshop

On October 12th, 2021, the ECOFEL hosted a workshop on “Information Sharing between FIUs, Supervisory Authorities and LEAs” with participants from the Europe II region. Participants were led through series of presentations highlighting the importance of cooperation and partnerships.

By the end of the session, participants had a better understanding of enhancing the role of FIUs in financial investigations, the importance of the AML supervisory functions and how they connect to FIUs in different ways, public-public partnerships, formal and informal mechanisms for cooperation between FIUs, supervisors and LEAs and best practices for information sharing. The ECOFEL welcomed the engagement of all the participants.

The ECOFEL team would like to thank participating experts for their contributions to this successful event. We are grateful that they were able to share their vast knowledge in this field with the participants. The participants’ feedback was extremely positive.
We look forward to ongoing cooperation in the future.

The ECOFEL extends its appreciation to Maud Bökkerink, who skillfully led the workshop. The ECOFEL looks forward to similar workshops in the coming weeks.