Egmont Group at G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting

On September 28th – October 1st

Ms. Sarah Paquet, the  Egmont Group Information Exchange Working Group Chair and  Mr. Jerome Beaumont, the Executive Secretary of the Egmont Group, participated in the third meeting of the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group.

During a session dedicated to dialogues with International Organizations, Ms. Paquet shared with the G20 audience remarks on the unique position that Financial Intelligence Units across the globe have in collecting and analyzing information to support corruption-related investigations. FIUs provide valuable insights into associated financial transactions, ultimate beneficial owners, assets, and criminal networks. Ms. Paquet also highlighted the Egmont Group's crucial role in providing a secure, fast, and reliable communication platform to assist the 167 EG Member FIUs follow the money flows in cross-border corruption cases.

The Egmont Group extends its appreciation to the Italian Presidency for the invitation to participate in the event. The EG is committed to further cooperation with the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group. For more information about the meeting in mention, please consult: