Egmont Group HoFIU Meetings July 2021

Despite the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and over the past month, the Egmont Group (EG) has remained agile to continue its important work to fight money laundering and terrorist financing. To accomplish its work, the EG held virtual meetings and out-of-session decisions. In addition, Egmont Group HoFIU convened to discuss how financial intelligence units can increase their efficiency through adopting a risk-based approach. The Technical Assistance and Training Working Group, in conjunction with the IEWG, also organized training for FIU analysts.

As the Egmont Group HoFIU webinars and operational training sessions have drawn to a close, the Egmont Group would like to extend its thanks to all moderators, presenters and panellists whose contributions helped ensure the success of the meetings. 

The Egmont Group also appreciates the active participation of all attendees who actively engaged in the meetings. 

New Egmont Group Vice-Chair 

During, the HoFIU meetings, the Egmont Group selected a new Vice-Chair, Mrs. Anne-Marie KEMNA (HoFIU Curaçao). Mrs. KEMNA is also one of the Regional Representatives for the Americas region. The Egmont Group looks forward to continuing to work with Mrs. KEMNA in her new role! 

The Egmont Group extends its thanks to Mr. Sergio ESPINOSA (HoFIU Peru) for stepping in as interim EG Vice-Chair. Mr. Espinosa, your commitment and contributions are greatly appreciated. 

New Egmont Group Member 

The EG is also pleased to announce that our membership has increased to 167 with the addition of the Financial Intelligence Agency, Botswana! The EG welcomes its new member and looks forward to working together on the joint mission to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.  

Changes to the Egmont Committee 

As the Egmont Regional Group meetings have ended, the Egmont Group would like to thank the following departing Egmont Committee (EC) members: 

  • Mr. Sergio ESPINOSA (UIF-Peru), Americas Region
  • Mr. Dian Ediana RAE (PPATK, Indonesia), Asia and Pacific Region
  • Ms. Sandra HALL (FIU Seychelles), East and Southern Africa Region
  • Mr. Ghazi AL ABDULJALIL (KwFIU, KUWAIT), Regional Representative, the Middle East and Northern Africa Region


The EG wishes each departing EC member all the best in their future endeavours and would like to express sincere gratitude for their contributions to the Egmont Group and the global AML/CFT community. 

To fill the newly vacant Egmont Committee roles, the EG welcomes the following EC members: 

  • Mr. Amr RASHED (EMLCU, Egypt), Technical Assistance and Training Working Group Chair
  • Mrs. Anne-Marie KEMNA (FIU Curaçao), Americas Region
  • Mr. Santiago NIETO (FIU-MEXICO), Americas Region
  • Ms. Nuralia RAHIM (UPK, Brunei Darussalam), Asia and Pacific Region
  • Ms. Francisca BRITO (UIF, Angola), East and Southern Africa Region
  • Mr. Yury KOROTKYI (FFMS, Russia), Eurasia Region
  • Ms. Oxana GISCA (SPCSB, Moldova), Europe II Region
  • Ms. May AL KHALIFA (FID, BAHRAIN), the Middle East and Northern Africa Region


Mrs. Ramatoulaye GADIO AGNE (CENTIF, Senegal) will remain in the role of Regional Representative for the West and Central Africa Region until a replacement is selected.

The EG looks forward to working with all new EC members to enhance international cooperation between FIUs to combat money laundering and terrorist financing more effectively.